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Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is an art of selecting the best available securities to customers which will diversify risks and maximizes the expected rate of return thereby creating wealth for any given degree of risk taken. The customers have the freedom to choose and tailor their portfolio to their investment objectives making this a more profitable scheme to the investors. As per the Portfolio Management Services Guideline 2067 issued by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), “Portfolio Manager refers to the Individual/Institution who has obtained the license from SEBON to conduct security business.”


Benefits of Portfolio Management


  1. Generates maximum returns on a portfolio while keeping the risk level in check.

  2. PMS involves watching over the portfolio performance on a constant basis and rebalancing the portfolio composition in order to ensure that the volatility of returns is taken care of and returns are properly optimized.

  3. Freedom from the administrative hassle that comes with frequent trading of investment instruments.

  4. We provide you with account statements and performance reports on a predetermined frequency. Other additional reports including the transaction summary, capital gains/loss statements, and portfolio holding statements are also sent on a timely basis.

  5. A dedicated research team is responsible for overseeing your investment. They keep a watchful eye on the market movement and make swift adjustments to the portfolio composition in order to ensure that your investment goals are not compromised.

  6. PMS entails offering a customized portfolio that corresponds to the client's situation. We will guide you along on your investment journey by providing the rationale behind the strategies that we have adopted and advise you about the right product mix as your situation changes. We try to maintain a constant dialogue with our valued clients as they traverse the investment path in an effort to make them more informed and prudent.


Types of Services:


Currently, the Company has been providing the following portfolio management services:

  1. Discretionary Portfolio Management Services: Discretionary Portfolio Management Services is a form of PMS, wherein client provides full discretion to Portfolio Manager to buy/sell and perform all the other agreed terms in agreement on behalf of the client to operate PMS accounts. The Term “Discretion” here refers to the fact that investment decision is made at Portfolio Manager’s discretion.

  2. Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Services: Non-discretionary PMS is a consultative investment approach wherein the Portfolio Manager suggests investment ideas. The choice and timing for investment rest with the investor while the execution of the investment decision is done by the Portfolio Manager.

  3. Advisory Services: An Advisory Investment Management solution is where the manager simply acts as a financial counselor. The Portfolio Manager only suggests investment ideas and routes which he thinks are best to pick. The choice of security, as well as the timing of investment decision, rests solely with the investor himself.



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