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Disciplined approach to investing

We are committed to upholding our investment philosophy. We see to it that our stock selection is properly justified by Technical and Fundamental metrics. We tend to be skeptical of hottest stocks that are doing the rounds in news portals and pick only those stocks that are appropriate to your Risk Return profile.

Customized products that are tailored to meet the unique goals of an individual

Garima Capital Ltd has designed a well thought out portfolio alternatives that caters to the needs of individual clients. For instance: it might not be appropriate to recommend an aggressive equity strategy to a client who is retired and in need of stable periodic income. The Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) mix is also amended in response to client's risk profile. For example: a greater proportion of fund can be allocated to equity as opposed to fixed income when determining the SAA for an investor who is risk taker, adventurous, early in his career stage and has entrepreneurial attitude.

Excellent research capability

We believe that our research capabilities are second to none. We have a dedicated research department that conducts a frequent analysis and sends out buy and sale recommendation accordingly. Our research department is seamlessly integrated with other departments in order to facilitate smooth flow of information across departments. Comprising of budding experts who have obtained various recognized degrees such as CFA, CA, ACCA and MBA, our research team has the necessary capabilities to handle complex research related tasks. Furthermore, our research team is well versed in conducting Fundamental Analysis which is further complimented by Technical Analysis.

Exemplary investment guidelines and internal control system

Garima Capital Ltd has a slew of investment guidelines specifically designed to put a lid on the overall risk exposure. We have formulated a comprehensive internal control system that explicitly specifies the limits assigned to concerned authorities in the management of company's and client's fund. Similarly, we have designated the sector limit and the aggregate SAA limit for our organization to prevent the risk and exposure from going beyond our control. Additionally, to avoid the conflict of interest we have barred officers and employees from undertaking personal investment transactions with the same brokerage house with which the business is conducted on behalf of our PMS Clients. Our company is committed to abiding by the statutes laid down in the portfolio directives 2067 and the fact thatGarima Capital Ltd has put together a team of qualified experts is a testament to the same.

Strong team

We atGarima Capital Ltd not only have competent management team but also possess equally competent board members to hold the management accountable for their actions. KCL Astute is promoted by prominent business tycoons and renowned academicians & professionals.


Transparency and Fair dealing are the two major ethos followed by the Company. Hence, Client interest is put first before ours and employees'. Every transaction is analyzed and recommended only after proper due diligence. We provide you with itemized account statements and performance reports. Other additional reports including the transaction summary, capital gains / loss statements and portfolio holding statements are also sent on a timely basis.


Depending on the situation, we either opt for "top down approach" to security selection or "bottom up approach" to security selection.

Top Down Approach

This approach begins at the level of the overall economy and forecasts can then be made at more narrowly defined levels, such as sector, industry, and market for a specific product, to arrive at a revenue projection for the individual company.

Bottom Up Approach

This approach begins at the level of individual company or individual product lines, locations, or business segments. Subsequently, their projections are aggregated to arrive at a forecast of total revenue for the company. Sometimes, the aggregated revenue projections for individual companies are used to develop forecasts for a product market, industry, or the overall economy.


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